URBASOFIA’s Overview

URBASOFIA is a laboratory for urban development and territorial cohesion, an ideas factory for city and neighborhoods, a place of construction and elaboration of the informal and formal “fiction” that occurs in urban spaces, a network where to design strategic town planning processes and EU projects directed to urban, environmental and territorial studies.

The impetus to form URBASOFIA arose in response to the need for a better cooperation between practitioners, researchers, industry/private investors and developers, and other professionals involved in town planning in Europe. The focus was launching a company collaborating with very high profile consultants, researchers and international experts, which could provide for and allow services in:

  • Town and regional strategic and environmental planning,
  • Social inclusion and urban regeneration,
  • Smart city strategies,
  • Training, communication, dissemination and networking.

URBASOFIA is a town and regional planning company created in October 2011. Both its founders and collaborators have vast experience in urban and territorial issues, design and management of EU-funded projects, especially in connection with territorial cohesion and social inclusion. URBASOFIA has been already involved in the preparation of significant projects, competitions and EU calls for proposals, amongst which are worth mentioning:

  • The ICT/PSP EU Programme (projects i-SCOPE, SUNSHINE and i-LOCATE, all 3 in implementation);
  • The SEE Programme (project STATUS, in implementation);
  • The URBACT II Transfer Networks (project TUTUR, in implementation);
  • The Joint Operational Programme ENPI Black Sea;
  • Realisation of planning scenarios for the Projects “Floodplain restoration along the Danube”;
  • Programme Italia/Malta 2007-2013 (projects CREAMSAFRI).